CSS not working


CSS not working my webpage.I am waiting for help.Thank you.

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Hi @lucydam :wave:

I took a quick look, and it appears that the issue is that the index.html file in the root of your repository / site is currently pointed to a CSS file named untitled.css as though that file is also in the root of the repository when it isn’t.

To resolve this, you can either:

  1. Move the untiled.css file to the root of the repository (i.e. pull it out of the folder and put it next to the index.html file)
  2. Update the href attribute for the <link> element on line 4 (linked above) so that it points to Restorant%20Website_files/untitled.css rather than untitled.css (which is the current location of the CSS file)

I hope that clarifies things! Please feel free to ask questions if you have them.

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Helloo Thank you i didn’t realized.


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Updated now but still same

Can you share the link to your deployed Netlify site? I can see the repository but I can’t see it deployed currently


Thank you for that! I also took another look at the repository and I can see what happened.

You moved the untitled.css file into the root of the repository and updated the href attribute. I was saying you should do only one of those things.

The fix from here is to change the href attribute back to untitled.css since the file is in a new place.

Essentially, the href attribute should allways be the file path to the specific CSS file you’re trying to load into the HTML. If you move the file, then the href will need to be updated as well.


Yes done now.Thanks!