CSS not showing on deployment

my hero div pseudo-class ::after has an overlay opacity of 40% on the master branch I’m deploying from. When I check the site after deploying the opacity is 1%. I made a new branch double checked everything again and redeployed and the same issue is showing. Any tips how to debug this would be greatly appreciated.

currently the git repo is private

please help, Katherine

hi katherine, can you show us where in the CSS this isn’t showing up? maybe with a screenshot?

Also - you have checked and your deploys are going through correctly? always good to run some sanity checks before we dig :smiley:

Thanks for responding, so I checked the deploys look good I’m not having any errors. This is the only css property not being read everything else looks great

This is what it looks like in dev tools after being deployed

You’re running into this SASS bug https://stackoverflow.com/a/60283803, apparently SASS doesn’t handle % values for opacity very well. You should use 0.4 instead which will give you the same effect.