CSS loading after HTML on load

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having trouble the past couple of months with the CSS of my site loading in after my HTML loads in. It’s fairly brief, but it’s definitely noticeable and happens each time the page loads. My site is built using Nuxt 2, and uses a couple of external scripts to import fontawesome and animate.css.

I’ve been trying to find solutions on this topic, but so far I haven’t gotten anywhere with this. It only seems to happen on a deployed version of the site, I don’t ever see this issue when running my site locally. This leads me to believe I’ve set up something on Netlify that is causing this to happen. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

Here’s a link to the site: https://kylehoward.me/

Hi @Howakyl , thanks for the post.

Your problem is not a Netlify problem.
Kindly check the Stack overflow link below on how to resolve the problem since it is similar to yours.

Let me know the outcome.


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Thank you for the helpful post! I was able to solve this problem by disabling SSR in my nuxt config.