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Css files gone missing after static HTML site deployment

here is my netlify site https://comingsoon-ieeejusb.netlify.app
I have my css files under the assets folder but when I am deploying they are gone missing also I am checking the PR preview of this PR netlify testing by ayan-biswas0412 路 Pull Request #1 路 ieee-ju/comingsoon 路 GitHub which is also not correctly loading my css files.

my main repo is here GitHub - ieee-ju/comingsoon: 馃枼 Comingsoon page for common needs of IEEE JU Student Branch

Hi @JU_IEEE_SB_Technical,

The CSS files are not disappearing during deploy, they just don鈥檛 exist in your repo:

The bootstrap folder does not have a css folder in it.

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yah yah now it is solved thanks @hrishikesh