as an IAM SAAS extension


We are an IAM SAAS,
What is the procedure for putting our product into the Integration marketplace?


Hey there, @Asaf_Shakarzy :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I am not quite sure I follow your question. Can you please try asking it again with examples about your product and what you are hoping to accomplish?

Hey Hillary and thanks for answering, is an IAM SAAS, it provides customers a way to add a simple and secured login-box with multiple authentication methods.

In Netlify, there is an Integration menu (available at: Discover | Netlify Integrations)

Under the Identity & Authentication section, your customers currently have only 1 option, we would like to be listed there for Netlify customers to have another option to integrate with us,

What would be the procedure to be listed in this section?

Please send an email to: The team will take it from there.

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