Creating amp pages manually

is it possible that i generate amp pages manually using any tool or any online website and upload them in github for my netlify cms website? in which folder will i upload the amp html files and how will i give their link from original article

Yeah, you can do that. Just push the AMP files to your repo and they will be available once the build completes.

To know in which folder you need to add the files and adding their links, I think you should refer to AMP documentation Get Started -

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@awaishamid To add to what @hrishikesh says, if you validate your files before uploading them you’re going to be creating a headache because AMP files are not valid HTML5. If you don’t valid (or don’t care as long as the pages load), then you don’t need to worry about this.

What is the easiest way to add amp files generation automatically

There’s no Netlify way to generate AMP files. You’d have to rely on your static site generator if you’re using one.

That’s not entirely true @hrishikesh. You could use a build plugin like this one.

I stand corrected. My bad.

I do think it’s better to do it manually with your SSG so you have more control over your settings and preferences etc though.