Creating a Support Page with multiple categories and sections


I was thinking about creating a support page for the company where I’m currently employed. We need different categories for the articles we want to display. As an example we need billing articles, tech articles, etc. We would like to display those articles within a specific section of our support page, like Billing Section, Tech Section, so if I have a tech article, it will be displayed within the tech section.

When I tried adding it to our ReactJS project, we could only get a “blog” like site, where all the articles were in one place.

Is there a way to gather the specific articles and place them at specific areas of our support page? Perhaps with tagging?

My questions has nothing to do with ReactJS, except for noting that I have a ReactJS project, where I want to implement Netlify CMS.

I assume you didn’t read my question. I need help understanding how I can tag posts, so I’m able to distribute them according to the need of the project.

Are you using Collecions:
If not, that should be what you’re looking for. Just create separate collections for different categories and that should be all ready to use.

I just tested it, and thank you very much! :grinning: