Create-react-app build time on Netlify is way more than local

hi All -

I am trying to deploy a create-react-app build from bitbucket.

My app build on local machine in <1minute (npm run build). But on netlify it seems to take more than 15minutes and the build fails because it exceeds the time limit.

Any idea what the issue might be?


1:07:54 PM: Execution timed out after 15m0s
1:07:54 PM: Error running command: Command did not finish within the time limit
1:07:54 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site
1:07:54 PM: Finished processing build request in 16m27.698278075s

Hi, @armensg. I think it wasn’t finishing for this reason:

It looks like you resolved the issue now. If so, would you mind sharing here how you resolved it?

If the issue is not resolved, please send us a link to the deploy logs and we will be happy to research this further.