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Create multiple subdomains with different sites

I’m trying to figure out if I can host multiple sites with individual subdomains each pointing to their own github repo.

For example, I have the primary domain:

alanwsmith.com (with www.alanwsmith.com) pointing to my main repo.

I’d like to setup things like

another.alanwsmith.com pointing to a second github repo


even-more.alanwsmith.com pointing to a third repo

and so on and so forth

Is that something that’s possible?



(P.S. It looks like maybe I could use branches in the primary repo and associated them with the sub domains, but that would be hard to manage and run into permissions issues.)

The answer is yes. Yes you can do this.

I just create a new site and set the custom domain to new-sub-domain.alanwsmith.com. The primary site (www.alanwsmith.com) is set to use Netlify DNS. When I created the custom domain on the new site it Just Worked ™.

Good stuff


Glad this is working for you now! :netliconfetti: