Create gatsby site

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I am creating a gatsby site.

for this, we have to execute the command.

npx gatsby new wordpress-jamstack gatsbyjs/gatsby-starter-hello-world

did you tell me in which directory I add the command?
means where wordpress-jamstack directory created?
I want to know the parent directory of wordpress-jamstack directory.

You need to run the command on your computer.

Considering you’ve npm and gatsby installed and configured, you can run the command in any directory on your local machine and a new website would be created there. If you don’t run the command in any specific directory, the folder will be created in the root of your filesystem.

@ridhhi.vmj As @hrishikesh says, first you cd to the directory where you want to create your site. If that site does not exist, then your must mkdir that directory and then cd into it.

thank you for the suggestion.
can I run the command on the live server?I want to try on my subdomain not in local.

Netlify is meant for production projects, not local testing. So no, you can’t do that.