Content update in preview but not in the domain name

I have done a new content update on contentfull and when i watch the preview, the update is good but not on the domain. Does anybody know wht’s wrong ?

site name :
preview link :
domain link : La beauté du geste - Jean Emmanuel Rode Photographe Lille | NORD | HAUTS-DE-FRANCE | 59

if you look below Catégorie, the first image is not update (is missing) in comparaison with the preview link.


@yvesvinckier I’m not sure precisely how you have Contentful hooked up, but in terms of what is showing on the page for the custom domain, it’s correct that it matches the one at the site name:

These are the same:

The preview link format is that of a specific build.

A specific build will only be live if it is the one that is currently Published.

In Netlify you can go to the Deploys of the site and check which one is Published.

I’m not sure if you’re relying on a plugin to try and publish the build, but checking in Netlify will give you some idea of what is going on. It may not be relevant but you can read more about Deploy Management here:

You are totally right. The auto publishing was disabled. i swith it on and it works. Many thanks !