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Content from latest deploy missing intermittently

This is for Netlify site koalatative, hosted at koalatative.com. It’s built with Gatsby and Netlify CMS, it’s been working great for months, lots of deploys, some issues popped up that I’ve managed to resolve.

After a new collection entry was published, there were no build errors, and the deploy was published, but the site doesn’t show the new content all the time. This is the first time this has happened, and the only thing that has changed recently was upgrading Gatsby to 3.12 (and then 3.13 while troubleshooting this).

The new item that was added is Episode #5. The issue isn’t consistent, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. You can see this on the homepage, and at /show/, and there is a dedicated page for each episode. The most recent episode should be #5, but sometimes it’s #4 and it’s like #5 doesn’t exist at all. The branch subdomain staging.koalatative.com seems to work consistently, haven’t seen it fail to appear there yet but I haven’t tested it as much as the main site where it’s hit or miss. Hard reset or incog mode don’t help.

I’ve tried the “Clear cache and deploy site” option and it hasn’t worked. Thought it was related to Gatsby cache issues because there was a webpack cache related error in development. There were messages about a new flag being rolled out to a small % of users called DEV_WEBPACK_CACHE so I disabled that in gatsby-config.js and it resolved the error but seems to only affect development, not the live site.

From what I can see there are no errors, just missing content, which makes it hard to troubleshoot. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi @ry_thomas,

I can consistently see the content from my end, however it’s quite possible that the issue you describe might exist. To investigate, would you be able to provide the x-nf-request-id response header from the failed and the successful request?

The content seems to be showing more reliably today. When it was first posted it didn’t show at all, and then last night when I started this thread it would show up and then disappear after a while when I refreshed. Today after a few attempts it hasn’t failed to appear yet.

If it does it again I’ll post the response header.

Sure thing, let us know and we’d be happy to take a look.