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Contact page reload gives white page!

Hi, on my Netlify website https://fdlab.netlify.app. I have a problem when I reload my contact page https://fdlab.netlify.app/contact

My website is built with VueJS.

I added a _redirect file in the public folder with below redirection.
/* /index.html 200
When I refresh it works like a charm for all the pages except the contact page

As the contact page is a Netlify form I have a contact.html in my public folder.

What should I do to enable the refresh of the page and still reach my contact form?


The page loads, but the form has a display: none; attribute in CSS, so you can’t see it.

Hi Tom,
thanks for your feedback!

The hidden comes from the process to implement a contact form with Netlify (documention here). It seems that Netlify see this hidden form and link it to the one we generate with VueJS.

It’s correct that removing the hidden I got the contact.html from the public folder (see image below). But what I would like to have, is the contact form page generated with VueJS. I guess I need to update my _redirect file but I don’t know how yet! Any idea?


Hi @dumas

I think what is possibly happening is because the route is called contact and the file containing the form for Netlify to render is called contact.html you are confusing things.

I have a basic Vue example using Netlify Forms deployed at gallant-liskov-debbbe.netlify.app with the repository at coelmay/vue-netlify-basic. This uses the same method as the blog post you linked to.

If you would like to not use Netlify Forms and have messages sent straight to your email, I have another Vue example deployed at nf-nm-ee.netlify.app with the repository at coelmay/vue-ethereal-email which uses Netlify Functions sending to Ethereal Email for testing.

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Hi Coelmay,
I changed in the public folder the contact.html file into form.html and it works like a charm!
Thanks a lot