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Connection to artifactory.cgm.ag failed during deploy

I’m trying to deploy an Angular app. I’m doing it with the usual settings, but the deployment process is failing when trying to reach the file ‘winston-transport-4.4.0.tgz’, needed by Netlify.

12:40:32 AM: npm ERR! network request to https://artifactory.cgm.ag:443/api/npm/global.npm.virtual/winston-transport/-/winston-transport-4.4.0.tgz failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND artifactory.cgm.ag
12:40:32 AM: npm ERR! network This is a problem related to network connectivity.

It’s someone else experiencing this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @codepecker

Welcome to the forums.

This is not a valid .ag address. Thought cgm.ag is potentially valid (registration is possible at the second level) and apparently registered artifactory is not a valid subdomain (that I can see.)

The top hit when searching for artifactory is https://jfrog.com/artifactory/ so I am wondering if the package/module you are using is old with an outdated address in it.

You can find winston-transpost on npm.

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Is there somehow I can change that “https://artifactory.cgm.ag” URL that appears in some deps of my package-lock.json? As I know this file is autogenerated and shouldn’t be touched directly.

Are you using the latest package versions?

You could also try removing the package-lock.json.

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Thanks a lot for your quick answers!

Finally I could replace the broken URL by removing and installing again the parent dependency. In this case it was @angular/fire.


Glad everything is working! Thanks for the quick help, @coelmay :netliconfetti:

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