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Connection timeouts issue resolved, but am still getting 504 error


My Netlify site name is: stupefied-lamarr-20c8d9

I have been working on my localhost for a long time now without any issues, but this morning (PST time) a lambda function started giving me 504 Gateway Timeout errors. One minute it was working and the next it wasn’t.

I found this message on your site about downtimes, which corresponds to roughly the time the issue started:

Resolved - Between 16:10 UTC and 16:23 UTC customer may have experienced higher latencies and connection timeouts to our primary Regular CDN Load Balancer IP ( Traffic via DNS routing has not been affected by this.
Nov 23, 16:26 UTC

…however I am still getting the issue on my localhost, (which is using a proxy). In production everything is fine, so unfortunately I can’t give you a way to reproduce the issue.

Before I spend hours trying to debug things on my side, I am wondering

  1. whether there is anything about the above issue that may take more time to resolve?
  2. Is there something that has fundamentally changed related to proxies, that happened just today (Tuesday Nov 23)?

— more details, just in case ----
The error in my browser console looks like this
http://localhost:3000/.netlify/functions/auth?provider=google 504 (Gateway Timeout)

If I look at the logs for the Function called auth (which the above request was trying to reach) I see nothing other than calls made from production


localhost calls are logged in your terminal and not in Function console of the production. That would be able to give you additional insights.

duh!..right of course…and I did see errors there yesterday.

…however today it is magically working again…perhaps it was something to do with the (remote) database…in any case, apologies for the false alarm