Confused by netlify-cli version

I’ve updated netlify-cli but the version appears to be wrong and it’s VERY slow to respond.

I’m on Ubuntu WSL on Windows

netlify-cli - npm say 3.50 is latest and I npm install netlify-cli -g

wsl@OD-X1-CARBON:~/wai/wai-arrm$ node -v; npm -v; which netlify; netlify -v
netlify-cli/2.68.7 wsl-x64 node-v14.15.4

I also tried uninstalling node,npm and re installing.

hi there, would you mind looking through the issues here and filing a new one if there isn’t something pre-existing? that is the best way to let the CLI team know.

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Done - Update appears to not work on WSL · Issue #1847 · netlify/cli · GitHub

It appears this was the root cause:

If there are other questions or comments, @slim, please feel free to follow-up here again anytime.

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In my case it looks like npm detects the windows path for global modules on the WSL path and use that rather than the WSL version.

It seems there is a registry setting to stop windows folders appearing on the WSL path. I might use that an set alias for things like code that I want.

Actually my normal practice is to not install NPM packages globally which is better now npx exists but it is slower than giving ‘./node_modukes/bin’ I made a rash decision to install netlify globally to save a bit of space and as its always the example. That’ll teach me

See this to stop WIndows folders appearing on wsl path - linux - How to remove the Win10's PATH from WSL - Stack Overflow