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Conflicting domain ownership with other existing zones

I’m trying to add the domain ‘si-holistic.co’ to my account.

I am the owner of the domain, yet when I try to add the domain via netlify’s form, i get the error:
“name is already taken, si-holistic.co is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones”

There are no netlify accounts i am aware of that have already added this domain. I added a TXT record to the domain and set the value to the ID # of a support ticket that I opened 2 days ago, but haven’t had any follow-up on the support ticket.

Thank you!

@beelaineo Netlify support will have to help you with this one. There seem to be no DNS records that point si-holistic.co to Netlify, so there must be an inactive DNS zone with Netlify.

Are you the only one involved with this project? Is it possible you have more than one Netlify log-in?

Whatever the case, Netlify support should be able to resolve this.

@gregraven Thanks… yeah there must be an errant zone file.

There was a previous developer that had added si-holistic.co to his account, but I confirmed with him ~3 days ago that he had deleted the domain entirely from his netlify team. I think someone from Netlify support just needs to remove all the zone files associated with si-holistic.co

Hi, @beelaineo. I think that other developer might have missed a configuration for this domain.

Would you please have them check this url?


If they still don’t see it under their account, then there is yet another person that has done so. We have a verification process here:

Would you please create the verification DNS record for this domain name? If so, our support team can unlink that domain from any other sites and teams so you can use it with your current team.