Confirmation Email process (Double Opt-In) with


I need to code a confirmation email landing page to somehow update the user attributes in My problem is that the website doesn’t have an authentication process and I cannot to track his email, I can only somehow to get his email address from the email he received from I’m using Netlify functions to subscribe the user but I don’t have his email in database.
I was about to ask maybe some one here already faced this problem using, and already has a recipe how to get his email in a secure way?


hi there,

There are a bunch of gatsby aficionados in these forums, but, at the same time, I’m not sure anyone here has the gatsby/ knowledge to assist. have you asked in the gatsby support community yet?

Hey, thank you!
Already found a workaround.

fantastic! Do you mind sharing what it is? That might help other people looking for the same information.

Sure, will share when the implementation is polished