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Configuring custom domains with Netlify and Namecheap

Netlify site name: chaitanyabaranwal.netlify.app
Domain name: chaitanyab.dev

Hi there, I have setup a custom domain from Namecheap with Netlify. I do not want to change the nameservers on Namecheap so I am following this guide for setting up the website: Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs.

Here is the host records I have set up on Namecheap, according to the guide:

In the domain management settings of my website, if I use the apex domain chaitanyab.dev as the primary domain everything works fine. However, I want the subdomain www.chaitanyab.dev to be primary domain. When I do so, I cannot load the website. No particular issues, the browser says that it is having trouble finding the site.

Any help will be really appreciated, thank you!

www.chaitanyab.dev appears to load fine for me. This could have to do with propagation.

Hmm that’s strange, I can load it in other browsers but not on Firefox. Might be caching issues, thanks so much and sorry for the inconvenience!