Configure Jekyll config with netlify dev

I have a config file I use while working on my blog locally that only renders the past 10 blog posts. I do this because my blog has over six thousand posts and a ‘regular’ build takes about ten minutes.

When working with netlify dev, the startup is incredibly slow because it’s using my “real” config file. Is there anyway to run netlify dev and pass an argument that then gets passed along to Jekyll?

Helps if I read the darn CLI help. :wink: Yes, use -c and pass the argument. That’s it. Woot!

great find and much appreciated that you followed up, @cfjedimaster ! Your blog is epic (and full of good articles…I wish I was as prolific as you AND had as much of interest to say :))

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Thanks! Speaking of blog posts, I’m going to write this up as a tip as well.

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