Configure Domain Alias of external domain


I have bought multiple domains (io, org, eu, cloud) for my domain name. The IO domain is successfully registered with netlify via netlify DNS as the primary domain.

However, I face problems with the others. For eu, cloud the HTTP:// or HTTP:// works (i.e. redirects to - but HTTPS is never delivered for eu and cloud and runs into a timeout.

Interestingly for org I run into a cert warning even for HTTP:// SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

How can I fix this? I.e. have all redirect to the

Hey @geoHeil

Without knowing the actual domain (or domains) it is hard to offer precise assistance.

Have you check all domains are configured as per documentation and all are added as custom domains to your site?

Have you looked through these support guides

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Sure - here you go: dataweeder.[io, org, eu, cloud] – for now it is only hosting a dummy theme (still).

I just deleted the other (non IO) domain aliases and re-created them. For eu and cloud it seems to work fine now. org is still showing some problems with the SSL validation. is working for me, as are all others. None are redirecting to though.

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great - then it took some more time after deleting them. The current setup without the redirects is also fine (aliases only)