Concern about a potential high traffic page

I’m about to create a landing page for a client. Just a static page that basically holds the same information as what the leaflet I made for them has.

The subject of the page is a campaign that is supposed to run for approximately an entire year. A qr code from printed posters and leaflets that will be distributed nationwide (Saudi Arabia) will direct readers to this landing page.

I’m not sure if my free account could hold such traffic.
A custom domain name wouldn’t be important here, so that’s not really a concern, I think.

Thanks in advance for any clarification and/or advice regarding this matter.

@PixelPusher You can see the pricing information here:

The Starter plan has 100GB / month of Bandwidth, with $55 per 100GB overages.
The Pro plan has 1TB /month of Bandwidth, with $55 per 100GB overages.

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