Completely disabling post-processing of deploys

Got that set for you too, @gromia.

Would it be possible to disable the form processing for my site with API ID 43c82880-c552-456d-ae4c-9595723946f3? Thank you!

Please elaborate on the technique you recommend for doing this. I have tried jQuery (which works great, except for the fact that search engines cannot see that content), plain old JavaScript (which is a mess to maintain for complex includes), and roll-your-own Ajax calls (which for some reason beyond my understanding do not result in content that can subsequently be styled by other JavaScript).

If you have a mechanism that works – especially if it is along the lines of SSI or PHP include statements – please don’t keep it to yourself.

It’s been 29 years, and we’re still waiting for a built-in way to include HTML from other files as easily as you include an image.

Forgive me if I put in another plug for my suggestion to expand Snippets. Netlify already recognizes head and body tags, if it recognized semantic HTML5 markup tags (header, footer, main, aside, and nav, for instance), it would be trivial to implement this technique.

Just got that disabled for you, @sdsanders!

Sadly, @gregraven I am not actually a front-end developer, not sure what the “best practice” method is. Do people still use <div>s that can import format from another file? I do have to admit I used Server Side Includes when I last needed this functionality 15 years ago, but of course that doesn’t precisely work here.

Jquery should be visible to search engines if you enable our prerendering - if you weren’t seeing that please let us know!

Interesting, thanks. I did look at that page many moons ago, but I’m building multi-page websites and not SPA, so my eyes glazed over a bit. I’ll check it out again. This could be what I’m seeking.


Hi @fool

Could you please disable form processing for a57950ea-ae4e-40c7-a66d-471812e27a44? Thanks in advance.

Sure, tis done, will take effect on future deploys.

@fool Please could you disable form processing for 92144c33-d2f2-4e92-8027-1acffcb1400e as well?

Many thanks!

@simonhrogers - done! :slight_smile:

Hi, could you please disable all post processing for 86913a5f-87bf-4e47-bb90-a15c4573331f?

Thank you!

I have disabled form processing there for you, Robby.

Hi Chris,
I also would love it if you could tudn off form processing for our project as well, APP ID 9a96861e-50f2-43eb-82a5-4621ce528390

Thanks very much, and thanks for the info.

Sure thing, tis done.

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Hi @fool, seems you’re the one to ping on this, would it be possible to disable form post processing for f761f9db-297d-421c-918f-6c6a60e5ad41?

With that and the setting up the our build takes almost 50% longer. For example, the bit that we can control takes 7m 31s and the whole deploy is 14m 33s on 9m 42s build time. Not sure what gets billed the build time of 9m 42s or the deploy time of 14m 33s.

We can certainly work on optimizing this on our end, though for some changes we need to rebuild every page and if we’re getting billed 50% more than what we can control this will add up quite quickly.

We’re on an open source plan, so without further sponsorship it looks like we won’t have enough build minutes for the amount of contributions we’re seeing at the moment.

The time that is billed is shown in the deploy summary on each deploy’s logs page:

Processing time is never counted.

Regardless, I’ve disabled the form processing for your site which was the only piece you couldn’t have controlled already in the UI.

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Hi @fool! Sorry to bother you, could you please disable form post-processing for 0f92fd43-ad0e-4cbd-b1f8-ecc3904609fd?

Hi @fool, I would greatly appreciate if you could also disable post-processing for 60388aa6-d027-4064-8aee-54745e8bb3b6.

Thanks in advance!

@benni, we took care of this for you.

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