Compilation hung without any error

Hi! We are having issues with our build for an e-commerce site in Netlify. The tech stack is: gatsby, DatoCMS, Snipcart. It was working perfectly with a small amount of products (around 150 products in two languages), but now we loaded a full catalog of 1100 products and the build in Netlify is hung during severla minutes, even testing in different sites.

Netlify site name: eyewearconcept-prd
Build settings:

  • Base directory - frontend
  • Build command - echo SITE_RECAPTCHA_KEY=$SITE_RECAPTCHA_KEY >> .env.production && GATSBY_EXPERIMENTAL_PAGE_BUILD_ON_DATA_CHANGES=true gatsby build --log-pages
  • Publish directory - frontend/public/

Update: it seems that now the build is finishing, but with error “Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime”:
Build log:
8:16:59 PM: success run page queries - 1481.960s - 3011/3011 2.03/s
8:16:59 PM: success write out requires - 0.038s
8:17:48 PM: success Building production JavaScript and CSS bundles - 48.964s
8:17:48 PM: success Rewriting compilation hashes - 0.002s
8:19:55 PM: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime

EDIT-This might answer your problem, since the build error is maximum allowed run time.

Can you confirm if what tier plan you are on?

As stated here, the maximum build minutes for a Netlify Free Plan is 300 minutes p/month. My guess is that you your team has exceeded this amount over the past month.

Hi! Thanks for your answer. Even if we are in the free tier, the build minutes are far from finished:
Total build minutes used
61 out of/300

So, I don’t think this is the reason. Even adding the crashed build time during the execution, it was around 20-25 minutos, so we are not at the limit.

Hi, @AdrianAlonso. There is a 15 minute time limit for the build command. I can see from the logs that this time limit is being exceeded because it took almost 25 minutes for the page queries alone:

8:16:59 PM: success run page queries - 1481.960s - 3011/3011 2.03/s

We can extend the build time limit to 30 minutes as long as you understand that there is a charge for exceeding the 300 build minutes included with the Starter plan team.

Please let us know the site subdomain (or the site API ID from the site settings) and we will be happy to extend the build time limit for this site. It also looks like this might already be using 30 minutes for the build time limit and, if so, please let us know if a higher timeout is required.

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Hi @luke. Thanks for the info, we didn’t know about that limit. The data for the site is below, and please raise the time maybe to more than 30min:
Site name: eyewearconcept-prd
API ID: 44b941de-4ed8-4c69-b4f1-d47d0d2fab72

Also, we are currenly running other possible projects in Netlify, so it could be useful to know how to request this increase for other sites. Should we do it through this forum also, or there is a more direct way?


Hiya @AdrianAlonso and sorry to be slow to get back to you. We’ve been a bit lightly staffed for the holidays, but here is a fine place to ask.

We’ll need you to put a credit card into our system so we can bill for build overages before we increase the limit, but we can increase your whole account to 30 minutes if you’d like.

More than that requires a conversation with our Sales team to talk about custom contracts.

Let me know if you get a card in place and want things bumped - should be able to respond to your requests here, within a business day or so going forward.