Common Issues now called Support Guides but still JUST as awesome

Did you know that we have over a hundred Support Guides, written and regularly vetted by Support Engineers, from DNS to environment vars to redirects to testing to forms concerns, we’ve thought about them and written up easy-to follow guides anyone can use to understand and troubleshoot problems! We recheck these guides diligently to keep them up to date, too! :exploding_head:

Formerly, these topics were called Common Issues, but to make it more clear that they are, indeed, written by the Support Team, we have renamed them Support Guides. We hope you read them, bookmark them, ask us questions about them, and share them with your friends. We think they can help you understand, diagnose, troubleshoot and fix 60-70% of common problems that can come up for folks who use Netlify!

A Support Guide a day keeps the deploy error away!

Forms not fun? Read a Support Guide, old chum!

Redirect got you down - Support Guide that frown!

Build error terror? Support guide’ll make it better!

Page not found? Support Guide will astound!

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