[Common Issue] Netlify CMS & Git Gateway - Email not confirmed

Hi @Zerotask,

While this gets investigated, could you see if setting the config option helps:

Basically, you can do something like:

  APIUrl: 'https://my-new-url.netlify.app/.netlify/identity'

I also have the same issue. I cloned a Next.js + Netlify CMS template from this repo: GitHub - wutali/nextjs-netlify-blog-template: Next.js blogging template for Netlify Follwed the setup but it seems everything was setup already. However, I still got that “email not confirmed” issue.

Hi @trz,

You can turn on auto-confirm from Identity settings and confirm the email address of the required users as soon as they signup.

You saved my live. Thanks! :grinning:


Thanks you Tom!

The mail template version is obviously the cleanest option. Unfortunately it’s not available in the Starter package. So instead of loading the widget for all users I came up with a simple redirect instead. Something like:

  useEffect(() => {
    if (window.location.hash.includes('_token=')) {
      window.location.replace('/admin/' + window.location.hash)

works quite nicely :tada:


Thanks so much for sharing, @elbotho :netliconfetti:

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I just created a Nextjs App and the init() is in my context and the whole site is wrapped inside the context so I believe that’s the root.

I’m having the email not confirmed.

I have tried some of the twerks here and nothing is working.

i tried opening the token url in a private window https://gamfew.netlify.app/#confirmation_token=3gUzdj9a... but still nothing

hi there, sorry it has been a little while. have you made any progress with this?

Thanks for this elbotho - this “behaviour” confused me for a long time.

I wonder if another quicker and cleaner work-around (before this issue is either fixed or referenced clearly in the docs) would be to allow a starter package to change the path to template…

Is this something a passing netlify support person could consider? [requesting hopefully!]

To clarify, email templates were available on the starter plan in the past, but were removed a few months ago due to abuse of such high magnitude that it affected a part of our service. So, looking at that, it’s unlikely that this will be reversed any time soon.

Thanks hrishikesh - I wasn’t aware of the context before your note

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