Command did not finish within the time limit

Hi Team,

The following error we have been experiencing for a while (on & off), currently we see it on every build, more info:

Can someone please help?


After multiple tries the build finally succeeded, but I’m still seeing the following all the time.
“Expected – Waiting for status to be reported”

I removed Netlify notifications, added it back again, and that worked :thinking:

Hope that helps someone!

Hey @hackerman,
I checked our logs for occurrences of that time limit, and we did a see spike across the board yesterday morning for a few hours… but it then went back down to normal.

For your account in particular, I am seeing a few cases of this failure over the last week. It looks like you might be hitting our 15-minute build time limit! We can definitely bump that up for you- I’ve started at 30 minutes across the account. Please let us know if that helps or if you continue to see the error.

As for the notifications… I’m surprised that they’d be connected, but we have seen some reports in the forum about GitHub status checks so we may have to dig in a bit more on that.

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