Colors on mobile different than on desktop

The colors of my website on my desktop version are different than the colors on my mobile version. I have attached a screenshot displaying the issue. The website name is I would upload a screenshot of my mobile version but it only allows me to upload one image as a new user

Apologies that is the mobile version. Here is the desktop version.

@hacamprvaif1220 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Are you certain you aren’t seeing this issue due to browser caching? The sites look similar to me on desktop and handheld devices. Your code is too simple to have many differences between the two.

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I noticed that on many mobile browsers, the colors were the same. However, on the “Samsung internet” app, the colors are as shown above. Not as big of an issue since not many people use that app even Samsung users, but it’d be interesting to find out why this happens to be the case.

Hi, @hacamprvaif1220, this isn’t anything to do with Netlify. By this, I mean our systems do not change your site code based on the browser requesting the site. We always send the same files from the currently published deploy to any browser making the request.

For an answer as to why that browser displays the site with a different color, technical support the “Samsung internet” app would be your best bet. This is a question about that app and not about Netlify.