Collection only visible locally

I have several collections for my site, all worked fine, but needed to add a new one which is not working on the live site.
I’ve added a new collection to the config file, which works flawlessly in a local environment (I can see the content of the folder referenced in the CMS, all entries are editable, I can create new ones or delete them) but this new collection is not showing up in the live environment - no entries are visible in the live CMS.

I got no error in the console, no build errors either.

I’ve tried to create an entry on the live site, which shows up in the CMS, but not on the site itself, and when I pull it, the newly created page/.md is not getting added to the folder where the other entries are - cannot be found locally.
The site itself displays the content of the folder - all articles show up on the site that were visible in the local CMS environment.

The newly created collection is a copy of a working one (tried it multiple times with different naming) and no matter how I renamed it, each try produced the same result - shows up locally, not in the live CMS.

Any ideas what should I do to display the content of the folder in the live CMS?

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yep, tried most, no solution yet.

Any chance I can get a solution for this? it makes me personally look terrible to my client that they cant see articles in the live site when it should work.