CNAME subdomain pointing to netlify CMS deploy works, but not for two specific routes

I have a netlify CMS site pointing at a Hugo based repository. The deploy works. The site is deployed to , and all routes resolve correctly. The github repository is GitHub - komali2/blog: My blog. .

I have a CNAME record in bluehost, which manages my domain, pointing at netlify. The intention is for to resolve to the deployment, including all paths.


Some routes work.

However, the /tags and /categories routes don’t work:

  • Category: travel
  • (tags link removed: new user link limit. Try site / tags / japan)

They do work at their netlify domain, though

The error I get is 404.

Thoughts on how I might resolve this? Cheers in advance for any help.

Hi @Caleb_Rogers

I see no issue accessing the /tags/japan route on


Thanks, I guess it was… DNS cache? Or something? Weird.