CNAME Record for Subdomain Shows "Not Found"

Hi there! My site name is

I’m trying to get it on a subdomain at I’ve set a CNAME record and pointed it at the site. When I visit the site it just says “Not Found”.

The DNS records have propagated and the DNS Lookup seems OK to me. is already setup and working via Netlify DNS. Here are my Netlify DNS records—

When I first added the record I got a message saying I’d maxed out my TTL records, or something to that effect. Maybe shouldn’t have set them all to zero :sweat_smile:

Any help is much appreciated :pray:t2:

Hey @jay1, thanks for the detailed report. It seems like the subdomain is set up somewhere else:

$ host is an alias for has address   <------ AWS?

Maybe you’ve set that up in the time since you wrote in?

If you did want to get this set up on Netlify, you should be able to add as a custom domain to your Netlify site here:

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Oh lol thanks @jen, didn’t realise I could just add the subdomain in there.

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