CNAME issue "This site can’t be reached"

CNAME issue “This site can’t be reached”

This site domain name is owned by the a friends which is run by his “site provider / administrator”.
I have built and deployed the website on the Netlify site name:

I would now like it to appear on the real domain names
I have asked the “site provider / administrator” for to point CNAME record to
Currently I think does point to
However does not point to

I have asked the “site provider / administrator” to point to the Netlify Load Balacer at IP Address
Is this the correct action?
Would this would be called a A record which needs to be setup by the owner domain owner?

Thank you in advance for any help / advise given

@2flower hi there! You’ll want the A record for to point to The CNAME does appear to be correctly configured, so once the A record is created and propagated you should be all set.

OK , thanks.
In Netlify under “Domain Management” it says “Awaiting External DNS”
As I’m not the domain owner, I will have to sit on this until the owner decides to create the A Record. There does not appear to be anything further I can do at this moment.
Thank you for your assistance