CMS throwing error when trying to load media after activating Large Media

Hello everyone.
After configuring Large Media the cms is throwing the following error:

TypeError: "n is undefined"
    r moz-extension://a6c0d024-6280-4242-8562-76d16ce73652/build/backend.js:6

Apparently netlifyCMS can’t find the url it needs and when opening the media folder it is empty and trying to add new images yields more errors.

Running netlify lm:info returns:

PS C:\Users\saen\git\usc-eisvoegel_website> yarn netlify lm:info
yarn run v1.19.0
$ C:\Users\saen\git\usc-eisvoegel_website\node_modules\.bin\netlify lm:info
  √ Checking Git version []
  √ Checking Git LFS version [2.9.0]
  √ Checking Git LFS filters
  √ Checking Netlify's Git Credentials version [0.1.8]

Anyone seen this before?

Hi, @rl-admin. Welcome our community site.

Are all media files tracked in LFS? If some are but some are not, then the use_large_media_transforms_in_media_library: false option is required as documented here:

If it applies, would you please try adding the option above? If that doesn’t resolve the issue (or if this has already be done) please let us know.