CMS install on existing site not showing all pages

I have a site already built with about 5-6 pages. I have just installed Netlify CMS folloing the support guide and instructions. From looking at the Netlify dashboard it looks as though this was successfully deployed. However, when I log in to I only see the ability to create a new page/post and no way of viewing my existing pages.

Is there a way to connect the pages, css and index.html of my already existing site to the CMS for future editing purposes? Should I move these files into the admin folder hierarchy?

Here is a screen shot of the current repo hierarchy for the site. The other named folders present in the repo are the previously existing pages.

Thank you for your help.

UPDATE: I have since added one of the folders as a collection in my config.yml but still no look with it appearing in the admin CMS view.

Ok, so I have resolved this issue in my config.yml
However, when I open my index.html pages in the CMS it does not reneder the rich text editor successfully and just displays the code.

Can you post your config.yml and maybe a repo if you’re willing to share that?

Hi yes sure. Here is the public repo where you can see the config.yml in the admin folder and an example of the index.html page I am accessing in the RobotsInResidence folder. I can now successfully access the file via the CMS admin UI but the rich text editor is not reading the html successfully. Perhaps I am using the wrong widget format in my config or my CSS styling is impacting how the rich text editor is able to read the html.

You’re using slug: "{{slug}}" in config.yml, but the format of your post filenames is actually, which translates to slug: "{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}-{{slug}}".

The CMS is looking for the file but can’t find it, basically.

That isn’t the page I’m working on. That was a test page I created after setting up Netlify. I’m trying to work with index.html in the RobotsInResidence folder.

You can’t edit html content with the CMS directly. Netlify CMS only outputs data files, like yaml, json etc.