CMS entry will not show!

This is driving me absolutely insane. For some reason, my label “test label” will not show in the CMS. As far as I can tell, it is identical to the other label “Personal Profile…”.

  • Gatsby can access the data via GraphQl
  • If I go to “…collections/configuration/entries/nameforurl” It will access the fields.

It just will not show from …/collections/configuration


name: git-gateway
branch: master
media_folder: ‘static/images’
show_preview_links: true
public_folder: ‘/images’

  • label: ‘Configuration’
    name: ‘configuration’
    • file: ‘src/assets/data/’
      label: ‘test label’
      name: ‘nameforurl’
      • { label: ‘Slug’, name: ‘querySlug’, widget: ‘hidden’, default: ‘general-settings’ }
      • { label: ‘label here’, name: ‘myValue’, widget: ‘string’ }
    • file: ‘src/assets/data/’
      label: ‘Personal Profile and Business Information’
      name: ‘profile’
      • { label: ‘Slug’, name: ‘querySlug’, widget: ‘hidden’, default: ‘client-profile’ }
      • { label: ‘Street Address’, name: ‘street’, widget: ‘string’ }

Seems like Netlify CMS may have a problem with the filename? After changing the md file from "’ to ‘’ it worked.

Very odd.

That is pretty unusual. Did you happen to change the filename before but only change the capitalization of a letter? Note that doing so can sometimes not register as a change in either git or GitHub.

In any case, glad you got things working!