CMS Editing Features?

With the CMS, can you edit page structure and/or add new pages?

Do you have to use the CMS with an SSG?


hey there,

some answers to your questions:

1a) page structure - yes, in a limited fashion. Really, the idea behind a CMS is to provide a visual interface to be able to update content into pages without messing with the underlying HTML, so generally most CMS provide the ability to add pre-designed “parts” such as images, tables, that kind of thing. Ultimately this does make it so that you can affect the page “structure”, yes. Can you completely change everything? no.
b.) adding new pages? yes, absolutely. Any CMS worth your time can let you add new pages.

2.) No, not as such, but you do have flexibility in terms of which SSG you use. When a file is changed, there needs to be some code somewhere that captures those changes and re-renders the html differently in the page, and generally speaking you’ll need the power of SSG to do that. All an SSG does, ultimately, is take source code (in javascript, or in markdown, or even txt) and render that into browser-readable HTML. So every time the source code changes, that process or re-rendering needs to happen.

Does this answer your questions?

Thank you very much.

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