Cloudinary width config specific field

I am using Cloudnary to upload my images of Netlify CMS, on my config.yml I was using this config below, because, all images should have the same width

  name: cloudinary
    cloud_name: cloudname
    api_key: <api key>
      - - fetch_format: auto
          width: 800
          quality: auto
          crop: scale

But now I’ll need to add a new image field for a larger image, that would be an image background for the page, and I can’t use this width: 800, which is set globally.
I followed the documentation, there is an example for config on specifics fields, but the syntax is different, and I couldn’t apply it on my config.yml, tried with different ways, and no success.

I need to include this new width config, let’s say it will be “width: 2000”, on this collection bellow, for these 3 image fields

  - name: capas
    label: Imagens de capa
      - name: capas
        label: Imagens de capa
        file: data/capas.json
          - {label: Casas, name: casas, widget: image}
          - {label: Empresas, name: empresas, widget: image}
          - {label: Empreendimentos, name: empreendimentos, widget: image}

The documentation example is this bellow, but I couldn’t apply on my code

# field
fields: # The fields each document in this collection have
- label: 'Cover Image'
  name: 'image'
  widget: 'image'
  required: false
  tagname: ''
        - fetch_format: auto
          width: 300    
          quality: auto
          crop: fill
          effect: grayscale

how should I apply this cloudinary config? what is the correct syntax? Does anyone know how to help me?

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