Cloudinary responsive Images

Hello, anyone is using Cloudinary with Netlify? I am finding it difficult to make the image responsive. Should this do the trick? w_auto,c_scale . I am little bit lost now. I read the docs of Netlify and I got confused with this:


If you prefer to provide direction so that images are transformed in a specific way, or dynamically retrieve images based on viewport size, you can do so by providing your own base Cloudinary URL and only storing the asset filenames in your content:

Either globally or for specific fields, configure the Cloudinary extension to only output the asset filename

# global
  name: cloudinary
  output_filename_only: true
# field
  name: cloudinary
  output_filename_only: true
  • Provide a dynamic URL in the site template
{{! handlebars example }}
<img src="<cloud_name>/<resource_type>/<type>/<tr

So in my config I have add that to be able to change the width to auto in the url?.
Thank you

Hiya @mugas and welcome to our community! This isn’t a feature any of our support or community teams has used, so we don’t have any specific advice. You might try checking in with the development team in slack, since I guess at least one of them has used this functionality before since one of them wrote it :slight_smile:

This page shows you how to get invited to their slack:

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