ChunkLoadError when adding custom domain


When attempting to add a custom domain to a new site, I get the following error:

ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 2 failed. (missing:

I’ve not run into this before but it looks like it may be caused by something out of my control and an issue with the custom domain functionality itself. I’ve added custom domains before and there doesn’t seem to be much scope for it to go wrong, and nothing to cause the error above (to my knowledge!)

Netlify domain is

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


The error message alternates between the message above and this:

ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 5 failed. (error:

hi there @CallumKing90 , this is a very strange error indeed. I am intrigued. When do you see it exactly? could you pop a screenshot please? thanks.

It’s now resolved itself which is confusing/frustrating as I still don’t know why.

It was happening on the ‘add custom domain’ screen. I’ve attached a screenshot and have triggered the error state - this is how the two errors above appeared. When providing an invalid domain the field validation picked that up but when submitting a valid domain, I received the errors above (where the error title/red text is)

Not sure if it’s worth me deleting this thread or keeping for future reference?

Hi, @CallumKing90. Are you blocking any javascript on that page (ad blockers, NoScript, etc.)?

I ask because blocking site javascript for services like or are known to cause all sorts of failures with our web UI.

If you are blocking javascript from those domains, that is the root cause and our web app will work once you stop blocking the javascript.

If you check the purposes of those two service you can see they are not used for advertising or tracking. Sift and LaunchDarkly are use for fraud prevention and browse time feature flags, respectively. That javascript is required for our site to function.

Now, if that doesn’t fix the issue or if there were other questions, please let us know.

Hi @luke.

No, I don’t use any JavaScript blockers. The only extensions I use are React & Redux dev tools.

As previously mentioned, the issue has resolved itself but was in the state mentioned above for ~1 hour. Definitely an odd one.

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also seeing this same 2 errors when trying to add a custom domain and am not running any javascript blockers @luke

are you still seeing this error @mm_redvelvet ?