Chaning Domain - Not Working

I’m trying to change the Domain from this to that but it doesn’t work.
I created and registered the Domain at Hostinger, and now I’m trying to add it to Netlify.

In Domains, I have the and if I press on it, a bunch of stuff comes up, like “ IN NETLIFY”
Also, in Domain Management Primary domain is the .tech domain.
Last but not least, on the main page of the site management, the link has changed from to .tech.

But when I press it, it’s just “about:blank”. I can still access the website thru the old domain.
Do you have to like push it to this new domain, please help!

Hey there, have you read our resources about connecting custom domains? There are two ways to connect a custom domain to a Netlify site.

Netlify DNS means using Netlify as the DNS service provider. The external DNS keeps the DNS resolution with the existing provider - which is normally the domain registrar but not always.

If you are moving an existing domain name to Netlify DNS -especially if you have an email service configured for it - please be be sure to copy all existing records to Netlify before changing the name server (NS) records to point to Netlify. There is more about this topic here.

If you are using the external DNS method, the existing DNS records remain active so no records need to be copied.

Please let us know if there are other questions about this and we’ll be happy to answer.

Yes hi, I got it to work. Just had to wait a day or two! Thanks though, much appreciated!

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Glad everything is working for you now.