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Changing the build repository - changes are not showing

Hi, I have a production site and a staging site deployed on Netlify. I created a new project for my staging site because the production site is failing when I try to build it, I believe it is because of an old image. I tried to troubleshoot it but it didn’t go anywhere, so I just created a new project.

Now that my new site is ready to be deployed, I went to my production site which has the custom domain set up, switched the build repository to the second one and deployed. The build succeeded, I got the “Site is live” message and the screenshot of my site on the Site Overview card is showing the new design, but the actual custom domain is still showing the old design from the old repository.

I know that websites are cached so it can take a while for the website to show the design changes, but it has been 2 days now since I deployed the new repository, so I’m wondering if I need to do something else on Netlify dashboard as well. Or do I just need to wait longer?

Thank you.

Hi @Zuk

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True sites get cached, but when a new/updated site is deployed, that becomes the site visitors see. Have you eliminated local caching by trying a different browser and/or private/incognito window?

Based on what you have said, I believe the production and staging sites should now look the same, yes? Can you share the URLs for both sites? Happy to have a look at see if they are the same.

What is the custom domain you are using and which site is it configured on—production or staging? Which site do you want it configured on?

I’ve cleared all my caches, tried various browsers and tried incognito windows, even asked friends around the world to check what they see. Yes, both the production and staging sites should look the same now, but the production one is still showing the old design.

The custom domain is configured on the production site. At first, I wanted to set up the custom domain on my new project (the staging site) but when I looked into it, it turned out it would be easier to just switch the build repositories because I would have to remove the custom domain from my current live site which would lead to some downtime. So I’d rather keep it on the current production site.

Can you share the netlify.app URLs, and the custom domain?

Production site (displaying the old design):

Staging site (a new design which should be showing on the production site):

Both projects point to the same GitHub repository.

As zuzana-k.com is using Netlify DNS, if you wish, removing the custom domain from one site, then adding it to the new site is an option.

Are they both building the same branch?

In GitHub main or master are the default branches, and Netlify will build the default branch unless instructed otherwise. If the new design is on another branch, you need to set this under the Build Settings, or merge the new branch into the main/master branch in GitHub for Netlify to deploy.

Are builds active i.e.

If not active (i.e. Stop builds selected) Netlify won’t automatically build, you will need to manually trigger a build.

Is the deploy locked e.g.

If locked, you need to manually publish the new build.

Both projects are pointing to the main branch of the same GitHub repository. Both have active build selected.
I have just triggered clear cache and deploy site on the production site again to see if it maybe makes any difference but no, the old design is still up.

I might have to remove the custom domain from the production site and point it to the staging one since nothing else seems to work. Is it going to be significant downtime?

Thank you so much for all your help. At least I know it’s not something stupid I overlooked :slight_smile:

OMG, the new design just shown up!! It must have been the clear cache and deploy site step I just did!

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Great news! :netliconfetti:

I was going to ask…

The the latest build the Published deploy? i.e.

And was going to say…

No. Very quick changeover.

But neither are required now.

Thank you so much! I cleared the local cache but never noticed the Netlify clear cache option until today.

I’ve also read about pointing the custom domain to another Netlify project, I’ll know how to do it next time if I ever need to.

Once again, amazing help. Thank you!