Changing regions for netlify function

Hi there,

My netlify site name is The API ID is ac689edf-1472-43b8-9514-670483fe4922.

We would like to change the hosting region of our netlify functions to Sydney and increase the timeout to 30 seconds. We have upgraded the function level to level 1.


hi @heg-svcProntoCustome , thanks for reaching out.

we can definitely change that region for you, is ap-southeast-1 acceptable? The max we can do is 26 seconds though, that is the longest timeout we can safely offer.

let us know if you want us to proceed with this!

Hi Perry,

That sounds fantastic. Both are good.


hi there @heg-svcProntoCustome - you are now at 26 seconds and we changed the region for your functions, all you need to do is redeploy.

Awesome thanks @perry !

Hi @perry

Apologies for the inconvenience as I have one last question. Is triggering a deploy good enough on the Netlify UI? Or will i have to change the function implementations slightly to alter the checksum?

Due to some testing, we have decided that ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) might be better as we are based in New Zealand. Are we able to change the region to there?


hi there @heg-svcProntoCustome ,

unfortunately ap-southeast-2 is unavailable as a region, so southeast-1 is the best we can do, sorry bout that! as far as redeploying goes - in ye olden days (last year?) our robots needed a checksum change, indeed, but we tuned that a bit and now it is no longer necessary. a simple redeploy should do the trick.