Changing domain from one Netlify account to another: how long or extra steps?


I am moving my partners site from an old Netlify account to my own. I have removed the domain from the old Netlify account, but I still get the error or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.

How long does it typically take the domain removal process to complete?

The external domain name is
The old site has a netlify site name of
The new site (my account) has a Netlify site name of

Am I missing any steps, or can the process take a while?

Thanks in advance.

Hey this should be pretty quick if you followed the flow below and you still can’t add your domain. Please verify domain ownership and let us know by responding here when that’s done. If the verification is successful we can remove the domain from the other account so you can use it on yours.

Netlify App > “Options” dropdown > “Remove domain”