Changing deployment region?

Hi @Minolie_Fernando :blush:,

Thanks so much for coming back and letting us know it worked. We hear your concerns and I totally get it! We have a feature request in the works to put this on the dashboard but it’s unlikely we will see this in effect in the near future. Definitely don’t hesitate to reach out to the forums and our help desk if you need anything!

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Hi. Please can we have our deployment region changed to EU-WEST-2?

Site ID 6aa56f07-2f39-4aa0-a654-7f9471125d5e


Hi @alext162 ,

Welcome to the community! :partying_face:

We do not have EU-WEST-2 region, but we do have eu-central-1.

Let us know if that’ll work.

Hello there. We would like to change our site’s deployment region to Frankfurt, regarding site id: 0fa52305-dab1-4825-905c-d6900e9cb76b

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hi @rqen,

I’ve updated your functions regions to eu-central-1 (Frankfurt). You’ll need to redeploy the site for the change to take effect.


Do you have any plans to support it?

Do you have eu-west-1? If not, eu-central-1 is fine.


Hi @alext162 ,

There are no plans to support eu-west regions currently.

I’ve updated your functions regions to eu-central-1 (Frankfurt). You’ll need to redeploy the site for the change to take effect.

Hi audrey,

I’m having delays in the connection from our website to supabase. Supabase is set up from eu-central-1. I would also like to change the functions region of our website to eu-central-1.

Our site ID is: fae7e457-d9fa-4054-9b97-c8520d843667

Thanks in advance!

Hi @andywillekens :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately we cannot change a function region unless they team is a pro tier or higher. This is a requirement that applies to everyone who wants a function region changed. You can upgrade to Pro easily through the Netlify UI dashboard.

If you let us know when you have upgraded, we can change the settings for you!


we need to change the deployment Region of netlify functions of our nuxt3 website to eu-central-1 (Frankfurt).

Can you please do that for the site planfred-web-2022
Site-ID: 63c81513-a308-4303-8d8a-59de5633d60a

Thank You!

Hi, :wave:t6: welcome to the forums this is done. Please re-deploy to activate.

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Hi Netlify team,

Can help to update or at least make sure that entire team under my account is set to South East Asia server?


Which team is this about, @dvlwj ?

hi @hrishikesh,

I set up all sites that I hosted in netlify (and will always be like that in the future too) under a team, and my account only tagged to one team at the moment.

I am sorry that I prefer to not share the team name since its related to a product name that under development and a bit privacy in the NDA I signed. But I guess you may know which team is it, since its the only team this account joined with :slight_smile:


The region for the account has been changed to ap-southeast-1. Please re-deploy.

@hrishikesh thanks a lot buddy.

Anyway, just one question for quick confirmation, we don’t need to request for region change again in the feature right?


For any site in your current account, no. If you create another team, then you’d need to request for that.

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@hrishikesh noted on this, thanks a lot.

Hi Netlify team,

could you please move all the functions in my account to eu-central-1?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @dtmzr thanks so much for reaching out. This has been updated. Please re-deploy to see this in effect