Changing deployment region?

I have a pro account and I wanna request to change the region to Europe nearest to Africa.


Hi, could you please change our function region to eu-central-1.

Site ID

Thank you.

Hiya @btcr and @markapiado, :wave:t6: Welcome to the forums! Before I complete this request I want to confirm… Is it okay if I apply the change for your whole account?

I confirm. please make the changes

Hi @btcr

I have updated the functions region of your account to eu-central-1! You will need to re-deploy any existing sites you want to adopt the new setting. New sites will automatically use the new value.

Hi. I’m a bit of a beginner using netlify functions.
I’m at the moment “Pro trial”, and i can’t seem to find where i can change the default region of my netlify functions, so i would like to hear if it’s possible to change the function region to europe (eu-central-1).

Site ID : 4d48f0b3-87cb-4262-a4b3-acb783a34ca0

Thanks for everything.

Hi @aveo

Welcome to the community! :tada:

You won’t find this in the UI. This is a change that the support team has to make for you. Quick question before we proceed - We can make this change on just the one site or set it at the account level. Which would you prefer?

At the account level would be nice.

The changes have been made. Please re-deploy all your sites.

Hi could you kindly also change the function region account-wide for all our sites to Frankfurt?

Hi @ixam1

Welcome to the community! :partying_face:

We’ve changed the functions region for your account to eu-central-1.

Thank you so much @elden!

Hello @hrishikesh

We have a Pro. account,

Could it be possible to move the following functions to eu-west-3 ? or if not available, to eu-central-1 ?

Site ID: cd965f10-3e96-4fc5-a6ea-51ecd56a2347

Thanks a lot!!

Hi @maxence :wave:t6:, welcome to the forums! I updated your functions regions to Eu- central-1. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Please redeploy.

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Fantastic, thanks a ton!!!

Going to redeploy now

Is there any way to programmatically change region of deployment of serverless functions?

Not yet. We are working on allowing this, at least via API calls, at the higher account levels, though!

There can be only one region per site, just as an FYI, no matter who sets it. We don’t have multi-region lambdas quite yet.

Hi @SamO,

Can you change the region of the following sites to ap-southeast-1 (singapore) region.


Thanks in advance.

Hi @Minolie_Fernando :wave:t6: ,

This is done. Please redeploy to activate.

The TTFB has improved significantly.

It would be great to have this as an option in the dashboard itself.

Thank you.