Changes not showing on site after 20 mins

Hi, I’m new to using netlify and I’m not a developer -

I’ve made some changes to the site through netlify CMS - created a test post called ‘Wonderful New blog post’, that’s not showing up after 20 minutes, even though the updates are reflected in Github.

Can you help me take a look to see what’s the issue?


Netlify site:
GitHub repo: GitHub - Weimankow/weimankow-blog

(I copied a template from another netlify user)

Are there any errors in your build logs? If so, a new version of your site will not get deployed.

I fetched your site from github and ran it locally, the blog post shows up just fine. What build command are you using to build your site?

I assumed that when I click ‘Publish’ on netlify CMS, the blog post will automatically get published.
I also assumed that when I edit and commit changes via Github web into the main branch, that the changes will be updated too.

In that sense - I haven’t used a build command yet… where can I check my build logs?

You can find them over at

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As a little follow-up, this is pretty much how Netlify CMS works: Whenever you make a change in Netlify CMS (and publish it), it sends your changes to Github through the Github API (or gitlab / bitbucket, but lets stick with github for simplicity’s sake).

After those changes are pushed, you site still hasn’t updated. Why? Because Netlify needs to grab those changes and build a new version of your site. It does that pretty much by copying your repo and running a build command, just like you would locally (so npm run build in your case).

When the build is done, Netlify uses the output of your build (eg the public folder) to host as your static site. At this point the changes you made are reflected on your site. If however, something goes wrong in the build process, Netlify won’t reach the publishing part as your site isn’t properly built. Again, just like you won’t have any content in your public folder if your site fails to build locally.

That’s why you should always check your build logs whenever your changes aren’t reflected in the production environment. Whenever something goes wrong, a new version of your site won’t be available.

If there aren’t any errors in the logs, try removing your cache or view your site in incognito mode. Sometimes heavy caching can also cause trouble. That’s not the case now though, as I’m not seeing those changes on your environment either.

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