Changed code, but not seen on webpage

:floppy_disk:custom domain:

I changed code in VS and push it but the webpage didn’t change? What am I suppors to do for it to work?

@nathalienordstrom Welcome to the Netlify community.

That website doesn’t load for me. Did you take it down? Is this the correct domain name?

Thats the thing, I have not taking it down, I don’t know what wrong at all?

@nathalienordstrom Have you checked out this information?

But there is nothing wrong with the code. I have changed stuff before and pushed it and It worked. Before the site was not showing at all, it just showed the unupdated version of the webpage. I looked around on netlify to try se se what the problem was. I saw that the the code I pushed hade an netlify domain instead of my domain?
then I press something and now the unuqdated webpage is not seen

Hi, @nathalienordstrom. The SSL isn’t working because of an issue covered in the support guide below:

Would you please attempt one of the two solutions in the support guide above? If there are questions about either solution, please let us know.