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Change which page is served as the default/home page

I am hoping to have the default page that is served when a user visits my site be a page other than /home.html (specifically, one called /enter.html — I want /enter to be a splash page that the user has to enter through to get to /home [note that I have pretty urls enabled, e.g. /page.html is served as /page]).

For now, my site url is: https://mysite.netlify.app/. Currently , this url serves /home.html; so, essentially, I am looking to have the content of /enter.html appear when at the url https://mysite.netlify.app/ instead.

I have tried adding the following to a _redirects file, but it has not worked:

/                                   /enter.html

I also tried adding 301! to the end of that line, but that didn’t work either.

Thanks for the help!

Hi, @edgygrandma,

Netlify serves index.html by default and not home.html. The rule would look like:

/index.html /enter.html 301!