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Change .netlify folder location

Is it possible to change the position of the .netlify folder?

Reading the doc it seems the netlify.toml must be in the root folder, and that is a shame, but I cannot find anything regarding the .netlify folder.

Must also the .netlify folder be in the root of the project?

Why exactly? Do you have a specific use case?

That folder is not required for deploying.

I need the root of my project containing only specific files. I would like to avoid to write some code in order to ignore Netlify files.

The problem is not deploying but developing. I would like to have a clean root folder.

Other frameworks, like Typescript or Nuxt for example, they all have a parameter for locating the config file and also customize the build folder, something like

framework-cli --project ~/folder/myconfig.js

that would be nice to have.

Well, in that case you can go over to the CLI repo and file a feature request as there’s no option to do this at the moment.

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