Change Name Servers or Delete whole DNS config

Hey, I am the admin of the (my netlify account is registered with my account).

Previously, we had a netlify own custom domain (

According to the client’s request, we have to move our whole codebase to WIX.

I’ve already removed the custom domain, but, the Name Servers need to be changed.

Following WIX documentation, we need to change the Name Servers to

I am not able to do that through the UI.

Can you do these changes? Account Code: 2592993-14c0cea

Hi @LuisValgoi :wave:t6:,

I see you just made a post about this issue again. Please do not make multiple threads as this slows us down and duplicates effort. I am linking your initial thread below so you may follow along as we work together. I will be closing this thread and responding on the one linked below.

Thank you.

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